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    More Coffees

    by  • November 7, 2017 • Coffee • 0 Comments

    I bought some different coffees this time, and lots of them to stock up the freezer.  I’m looking forward to this round. I also ordered some from Yemen, which has been my favorite to date.  Yum!

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    Coffee Region Test: Yemen

    by  • June 16, 2017 • Coffee, Uncategorized • 0 Comments

    Coffee began in Yemen, and it’s not particularly easy to find.  I ordered some medium roast and I’m looking forward to trying this small-batch coffee.  The beans are grown in Yemen’s mountainous west at 1500 to 2100 meters. A network of small-holder producers meticulously grow and harvest this heirloom coffee by hand, and dry it in the...

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    Coffee Region Test: Rwanda and Indonesia

    by  • March 16, 2017 • Coffee • 1 Comment

    I found some Rwanda Inzovu, and I ordered that along with some Sumatra Lintong from Indonesia.  I’ll be working my way through Indonesian coffees for a while.  There are four main regions in Indonesia, for coffee: Sumatra Sulawesi (Celebes) Java Timor I’ve always seen Sumatra coffee at Starbucks, so I’m guessing it will be...

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    Coffee Region Test: Ethiopia and Kenya

    by  • February 7, 2017 • Coffee • 2 Comments

    I joined Angels Cup and got a few deliveries.  Even though I quit, I would still recommend it.  For me, it was a little too overwhelming, trying so many coffees so quickly.  The best thing I got from Angels Cup was their blog post describing how coffees taste from different regions.  It’s a fantastic...

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